At the Mercy of the Wind

By Bryan | Published: 9th Aug, 2022

My trip to the Andalusia region was one of the most memorable. Spain at its most passionate. But one of the fascinating things that really caught my attention was the fickle but powerful wind — harnessed by the spinning wind turbines of Tarifa in the province of Cadiz.

On our way to the medieval castles, broad beaches and Moorish-tinged cities are the abrupt ridges, amongst the towering windmills on the hills surrounding Tarifa. It´s smart and quite strategic as Tarifa is considered the windiest spot in Spain.

Facts and figures: there are about 38 onshore and coastal wind parks providing power to approximately 300K inhabitants. That's clean power! Engineering feats for the common good fascinate me.

Today, Spain is the second largest producer of wind energy in Europe. I know we have our very own Bangui wind farm in my home country, the Philippines. Two actually, Burgos windfarm being the largest is also located in Ilocos Norte, Philippines. It's currently on my travel bucket list. Harnessing the power of the wind? Why not.

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