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  • At the Mercy of the Wind

    9th Aug, 2022

    My trip to the Andalusia region was one of the most memorable. Spain at its most passionate. But one of the fascinating things that really caught my attention was the fickle but powerful wind — h…

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  • Feels so Good in Nature

    9th Jan, 2020

    Notice how you feel good and happier out there if you spend time in nature. Why so? Well, our need for nature is more than just a good feeling. It's in our DNA. I always think we’re geneti…

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  • Over the Mountains of Montserrat

    21st Oct, 2019

    Today, I got this photo taken from the top of the mountain range of Montserrat. Quite a striking rock formation with its distinctive pink conglomerate. Reaching its peak, I felt that familiar child…

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  • Snow Hiking in the Pyrenees

    4th Nov, 2017

    A career in the corporate world for years can be offset against our aging body. With less and less physical activities, I easily fall out of shape. To physically measure myself once in a wh…

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  • Land of Fire, Ice and All things Nice

    16th Jul, 2017

    You know that thought when you're a little kid about Iceland being literally a land of ice? In this trip, it was all painted with green hills, blue lagoons, waterfalls, geysers, and all things nice…

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  • Wild Swimming at Salto de Bierge

    13th Oct, 2016

    Driving to the top of the mountain whether to enjoy scenic landscapes or just to get a quiet place to relax is not so hard to come by — thanks to the Spanish side of the Pyrenees. A little more t…

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  • White Winter in Pyrenees

    10th Oct, 2015

    Barcelona experiences all four seasons but with mild winters and hot summers. Talk about mild winter seasons, temperatures here fall as low as 14 °C (57 °F) during the day on average. That's like…

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  • The Great Old Victoria Peak

    4th Nov, 2007

    Considered the highest mountain on Hong Kong Island, trekking up the Victoria Peak on foot is a big challenge — but taking the Old Peak Road gets even! I read the walk can be very steep at certai…

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