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  • First Time in Japan

    23rd Mar, 2019

    Konnichiwa! There’s something unique about Japan that always fascinates me. Home to anime, the best sushi and ramen, Shinto shrines and Cherry blossoms, Japan has a reputation for its distinctive…

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  • Sib Time in Coron, Palawan

    15th Jul, 2018

    I always try to find time to bond with my siblings whenever I’m back home in the Philippines. Also, that's my good old excuse to travel locally — to explore my backyard, that is. …

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  • Waterfall Massage, Anyone?

    7th Oct, 2017

    Most unplanned travels often turn out to be the best ones. One morning, my younger brother telling me “Biyahe tayo!” after a nice cup of coffee ended up in the mountains of Laguna — …

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  • Visa-free Countries for Philippine Passport Holder

    19th Oct, 2015

    While most of us may still find it difficult to travel around the world freely without a visa, Filipinos can choose to skip the brunt of tit-for-tat visa application for now. Skip the drama…

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  • The Great Old Victoria Peak

    4th Nov, 2007

    Considered the highest mountain on Hong Kong Island, trekking up the Victoria Peak on foot is a big challenge — but taking the Old Peak Road gets even! I read the walk can be very steep at certai…

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  • Border Crossing from Macau to Hong Kong

    3rd Nov, 2007

    Got the wind on my back and my sail all set towards the seas. After a nice 2-day backpacking (with long walks) in Macau, I'm just halfway through my adventure trip and still hungry for more. I coul…

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  • Backpacking in Macau

    3rd Oct, 2007

    With a one-way fare as low as $9.68 USD, how could you possibly resist flying to Macau? Clark-Macau route just happened to be one of the cheapest flight deals from Tiger Airways that time and it's …

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  • Bugis Backpackers Hostel

    21st Apr, 2007

    I have a confession. I didn't even know that hostels do exist until my first ever international trip to …

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