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  • Visa-free Countries for Filipinos with a US Visa

    8th Jan, 2020

    Do you have a valid US visa? Have you been granted one recently? Perhaps you've visited the US already and would like to travel to other countries without the added hassle of going through another …

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  • Pinoy Review: Ugot Bruncherie

    2nd Sep, 2019

    Brunch — it’s the meal that many love to hate because of the ridiculous waitlist queue, crowded place at most. And if you get unlucky, prepare to get served mediocre. Did I mention the amount…

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  • The Blue Lagoon Experience

    25th Aug, 2018

    Skip the dip? After a nearly 5-hour flight from Barcelona to Reykjavik, I would normally just head straight to my hotel. But picture this. An immense pool of milky-blue waters in the warmth of natu…

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  • It's the American Dream!

    22nd Jul, 2018

    Ah, the American Dream. Like most kids who grew up in a developing country, I always dreamed of going to the US and living the good life. But a lot of things has changed since then — even…

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  • Sib Time in Coron, Palawan

    15th Jul, 2018

    I always try to find time to bond with my siblings whenever I’m back home in the Philippines. Also, that's my good old excuse to travel locally — to explore my backyard, that is. …

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  • Roaming in Rome

    15th Oct, 2017

    I have high hopes for April in Rome as spring begins to take hold. It's the perfect time to tuck in the heart of the eternal city. You can start to forget about the chilly days of winter and enjoy…

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  • Waterfall Massage, Anyone?

    7th Oct, 2017

    Most unplanned travels often turn out to be the best ones. One morning, my younger brother telling me “Biyahe tayo!” after a nice cup of coffee ended up in the mountains of Laguna — …

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  • Visa-free Countries for Philippine Passport Holder

    19th Oct, 2015

    While most of us may still find it difficult to travel around the world freely without a visa, Filipinos can choose to skip the brunt of tit-for-tat visa application for now. Skip the drama…

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