Roaming in Rome

By Bryan | Published: 15th Oct, 2017

I have high hopes for April in Rome as spring begins to take hold. It's the perfect time to tuck in the heart of the eternal city. You can start to forget about the chilly days of winter and enjoy warm, sunny days with the best gelato in the world. There’s still a fair chance of showers but expect a lesser crowd, less hubbub and yes, room rates are lower. Plus, flight time from Barcelona to Rome is only about an 1 hour and 45 minutes — very convenient for mini-breaks so, Ciao Roma!


Starting from Rome’s very own iconic Trevi Fountain or Fontana di Trevi, brace yourself with the flamboyant display of baroque mythical figures. The Greek sea God Oceanus stands in the centerpiece and ensemble of wild horses overlooking its emerald waters.


And to appease the gods, one would follow the tradition of throwing coins over their shoulders into the Trevi's waters. Legend has it that it will ensure a return to Rome. I did just that, of course. Actually, the coins thrown each day amounts to about 3 000 Euros that goes — not to the gods — but to charity, an Italian organization known as Caritas


After tossing my coin, I later found myself drooling over the dizzying variety of homemade gelato at San Crispino. It's just next to the fountain and I got the most intense chocolate ice cream I’ve ever tasted.


And to add that, savor the irresistible flavors like pistacchio, nocciola (hazelnut), bacio (mix of hazelnut and chocolate) or stracciatella (chocolate chip) which make the customary long wait worth it!

Main Highlights:

  • Trevi Fountain
  • Gelato at San Crispino
  • Colosseum
  • The Pantheon
  • View of Roman Forum
  • The National Monument of Victor Emmanuel II
  • Museo Nazionale di Castel Sant'Angelo
  • Piazza di Spagna
  • Ancient Roman Soldiers Parade


Sunset brings unexpected magic as we took our passeggiata or evening stroll through the eternal city from the ancient Roman ruins to the magnificent Colosseum!


  • Rosamie
    Kamusta Bryan, it nice to read this blog. Rome is a great city and one that I long to visit in my own backpacking travel as a Filipino, though expensive as you know. However the gelato is something to taste, I know for certain it is completely different from the usual ice cream, that difference is what I would love to find out myself. Until then thanks for sharing your experience with us.
  • Bryan
    Ohhhh... gelato! You can definitely tell the difference from a regular ice cream. It's just so natural and the flavor is soooo rich! I can't help it haha Well, kabayan Rosamie, I hope you got a simple taste of Rome and Gelato from reading my blog. Really appreciate your comment.
  • Ada
    Thanks for this piece Bryan you made the visit to Rome more intriguing and a must see, I am already making plans to visit Rome, and to taste the popular Gelato, I want to have that special feeling myself. You my Pinoy traveller friend is very lucky. I hope to share my own experience of my backpacking travel to Rome.
  • Bryan
    Really? When are you planning to visit Rome? I'd like to go back there. Such an amazing old city. Still remember the feeling of nostalgia. Thanks for the comment, Ada!
  • Ethan
    Ciao should be on my next year travel list. I'm already making plans to visit there during my summer break. I love mythical figures and I guess this is the right place to spend quality time with friends.
  • Bryan
    Ciao! Friends with gelato? hmmmm sounds like fun!

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