Over the Mountains of Montserrat

By Bryan | Published: 21st Oct, 2019

Today, I got this photo taken from the top of the mountain range of Montserrat. Quite a striking rock formation with its distinctive pink conglomerate. Reaching its peak, I felt that familiar childhood nostalgia. A great reminder of how powerful imaginations are.

Growing up, I used to think mountains draw the edge where heaven and earth ends.

At the back of our old family house, I remember the plain golden brown farm that sets that seemingly endless horizon. And the backdrop is a mountain range — trying to blend in with the blue skies. Majestic.

What’s behind those mountains? Where does it end?

I can still picture that thought vividly. Closing my eyes. Bravely climbing to reach the mountaintops and leaning at the very edge where I believed to have been— where all journey ends.

And as I slowly open my eyes, the sun begins to slip behind the mountains. The skies dyed in red, orange, and purple.

Then, pitch dark.

  • Jay
    It's always amazing to hear what children see and believe.
  • Bryan
    So innocent and true.
  • Greta
    You believed that mountains are the place where earth ends and heaven begins. As a child, I believed that the sea ends at some point, in the distance, and I couldn't understand if it goes somewhere or what happens. I could see the horizon and it seemed like that was it.
  • Bryan
    I always imagined how was it like if we get past it — such a powerful imagination for a kid, isn't it?

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