Sunset at Donostia

By Bryan | Published: 29th Sep, 2019

Beautiful sunsets remind me of my days in Donostia. And all the colors that come with it. It has that raw beauty that slowly restores my sense of inner peace.

"Yes, disappear for a while!"

I can still hear that call from my heart wanting to stay more. Just a bit more. Like the rushing waves at the beach of Ondarreta that surrenders into a calm and peaceful horizon from afar — painted with the touch of the golden light. 

The heart tells you to stay forever. Reality dictates otherwise. It’s temporary. Like the sight of people down the road. Cheerful and true. But as the gloriously setting sun wipes away all those bitterness, darkness leads you way back home.

So find a place where you can watch the sunset. Perhaps you'll find your way home too... and then, make you love life over again.

  • Jenny G.
    I am a huge sucker for a good sunset. Whenever I can find the time, I always go sit out on my porch with a glass of wine and admire the sun as it sets. The colors are always so fascinating and the shades can change in a split second. I almost don't want to blink.
  • Bryan
    A glass of wine with a nice sunset view at your porch — now I'm jealous! haha Thanks for sharing, Jenny.
  • Renn
    Everything must come to an end that keeps me grounded and makes me appreciate life more, because it will end. Sunrises are amazing. They are the beginning; they offer us a new chance to live a new day and make new decisions.
  • Bryan
    Awww. Makes one appreciate life more, because it will end — love that.
  • Rebecca
    I love sunsets and sunrises. They symbolize ending and beginning and I like both.
  • Bryan
    I could sit back and watch sunset and sunrise over and over again. It has its unique magic. That drama of the flaming sun — so powerful.

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