#55 Christmas Day, Normal Day

By Bryan | Published: 25th Dec, 2023

As I get older, holidays become less and less of a big deal.

I’m not a religious person, that’s given. I hold my own set of beliefs, much like everyone else. Nevertheless, Christmas Day is just another normal day for me. And there’s no bitter feeling on that. No crazy gift wrapping, cooking, or forced niceties. Surprisingly, I consider myself lucky to have friends who graciously extend invitations for festive dinners or share their freshly baked Christmas cookies, adding a pleasant touch to the occasion.

I'm no Grinch.

But honestly, the only thing that gives it that extra flair is your choice to value this day more than the others. That doesn't mean you gotta stop choosing to make Christmas a pretty special day. But in reality, we can choose any day of the year and make it special — on that note, just another day but more Christmassy!

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