#54 Funny Bone Gone?

By Bryan | Published: 17th Dec, 2023

I don’t find things funny anymore. I used to.

I used to find so many things funny. I used to laugh at funny movies, hilarious memes, or even really bad-but-good corny jokes. Have I made myself numb to humor? Have I broken my funny bone? Or, I just started taking things too seriously and outgrown silly little things.

I remember the feeling. That feeling when I burst into tears laughing or trying to hold it all together when it’s inappropriate to laugh. That kind of funny — feeling it in your belly. A belly laugh. But lately, nothing's really tickling my funny bone anymore. And I’ve felt like this for a while now.

I read about our nervous system activation increases over lifetime. Chances are, you'll lose your capacity for spontaneous laughter. As the Nilsen’s wrote in a research:

“Smiles are more likely to express feelings of satisfaction or goodwill, while laughter comes from surprise or a recognition of an incongruity.”

Can’t fake laughter.

Like all other emotions, it has to come natural. It has to feel natural. Although it’s hard to find anything funny, I still find reasons to smile. Simple and true.

And that’s good enough. For now...

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