By Bryan | Published: 16th Dec, 2023

Sitting on a nice cozy couch in the open. Firewood started crackling. People gather 'round the fire as the guitarist strums an acoustic bliss of folk music. My Bavarian mug is filled with a warm medley of wine, sugar, and spices — that’s the taste of Christmas in Munich. Glühwein! gluhwein_munich02.jpg

In Germany, they call mulled wine Glühwein. It means “glow-wine”. Well, that zesty spiced wine with a bonus shot of rum or amaretto would definitely make one glow (or rosy-cheeked).

I just love the warm, fuzzy feeling you get from sipping it outside in December. It helps you brave the cold for a few hours. Like having a pocketful of coziness.

And the aroma is just pure Christmas vibes.

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