#52 My First Real Winter

By Bryan | Published: 5th Dec, 2023

Social media was blowing up about how the heavy snow had practically shut down Munich city. I arrived there Monday evening. Just before landing, I could already see the thick layer of snow covering the once lush greens of the Bavarian region. It's how I expected.


A couple of days of intense snowing blanketed the streets with almost 50 centimetres of snow, turning the city into an epic winter wonderland.

Despite the extreme weather conditions, I still left my sunny Barcelona home. I wanted to embrace the cold winters. I wanted to experience winter snow and actually living my normal life at the same time. Day in, day out. It's something I don't get to see and feel everyday.

Do I wanted to truly sense the biting cold? Sometimes, you need to feel the coldness of it so you get to appreciate warmth more. It might well be the remedy to a cold hardened heart — melt the coldness away with warmth thoughts and emotions. Perhaps.


And yes, there's this eerie silence in the air. Like, seriously quiet. The stillness of it, almost overwhelming. It's acoustics. Snow absorbs up to 60% of sound. That's why we get that serene and calm effect from the snowfall.

It's real — driven by so much quietness. And I kinda liked that.

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