Ferris Wheel

By Bryan | Published: 5th Nov, 2023

This is my view during the first month of living in Munich. It’s called the Umadum which means “all around” in Bavarian. Munich’s giant Ferris wheel is almost 80m high! You can’t miss it especially when you’re around Werksviertel-Mitte and Ostbahnhof station. In fact, it’s the world's largest mobile Ferris wheel and Germany's largest.

It's not the usual all-around ride I came to know when I was a kid. I’m referring to the mobile Ferris wheel erected once a year back in my old town. Brightly lit with colorful lights and spinning tales of romance during fiestas.

The thing is, the Munich Ferris wheel goes round really slow. Like, slow. You’re supposed to dine in or have a coffee while it takes you up high and around without haste.

To me, the Umadum gives a different feeling.

I picture it like a wheel trying to recreate and relive an enjoyable time from my past. Something that is going quite well. It goes around slowly, taking its sweet sweet time, it feels like there's no end. Until you finally come to terms with the fact that it will, eventually...

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