#17 The Best Calas of Menorca

By Bryan | Published: 17th Sep, 2015

Every time I think about a perfect escapade, I always picture myself on a paradise island. That thought of my tired feet dipping in a calm pool of clear turquoise waters — much like my first day at the sandy white beaches of Menorca. Almost heaven. Imagine we've got 4 days more! I'd say, the best of the best is yet to come.

Menorca is fringed by some of the best beaches on earth. From its sandy white beaches to crystal clear water, Menorca lures visitors like moths to a flame. The best of Menorca happened to be our second day at the island — Cala Mitjana, Cala Galdana, Cala Macarella and Macarelleta!


Trail 2: Cala Mitjana — Cala Galdana — Cala Macarella — Cala Macarelleta — Cala en Turqueta

Cami De Cavalls Trail

Taking bus L52 from Plaza la Pau, we plan to stop at Cala Mitjana first, take the good old Cami de Cavalls to reach Cala Galdana, and then trek up until we reach Cala Macarella and Macarelleta. Finally, head back to Cala en Turqueta to take the public bus going back to Ciutadella. It was quite a long walk, but it was well worth the effort seeing the best beaches of the island.

Bus L52: Ciutadella — Ferreries — Cala Mitjana — Cala Galdana


Cala Mitjana

Just like most of the virgin beaches of the island, it would take you a good 10 to 15-minute walk from the drop off point into the thick woods to reach Cala Mitjana. And boy, it's definitely worth the walk! Considered one of Menorca's most beautiful beaches, Cala Mitjana is my personal favorite and just the perfect beach you could imagine — a paradise on earth.


This untouched natural beauty boasts a stunning beach with crystalline blue waters, gently sloping white sand, some caves to explore and high rocky cliffs offering a stunning view.

And if you feel brave enough, take a leap from its high rocks into a pristine natural pool below. It's quite a high jump but you'll be amazed as locals and child alike brave the heights and dive from the cliff. And yes, I took a leap of faith and jump! Such an amazing experience.


The beach has no facilities other than the sand and sea. But you could encounter Mr. coconut guy who regularly sells fresh coconuts, watermelons, and pineapples. His impeccable knife skill is also quite an entertainment.


Cala Galdana

We started the trek up west from the stunning cliffs of Cala Mitjana following the Cami de Cavalls. About 1.8km long, it took us almost an hour until we reached El Mirador, a viewing deck where you get to see the perfect horseshoe-shaped bay view of Cala Galdana.


Locally referred to as Queen of the Calas, Cala Galdana is one of the most picturesque resorts in Menorca. Such a quaint setting with villas on the steeply wooded cliff tops overlooking the gently sloping beach. It was also the first cove we've been which is rather commercialized.

Along the beachfront are big hotels and a nice selection of bars and restaurants. I would say, this one is ideal for families and couples wanting a happy holiday resort.


Although I prefer unspoiled beaches, Cala Galdana is still irresistible. It's like a natural big swimming pool. Its shallow water is so clear and the white sand underneath makes that perfect turquoise blue shade. It's got the real Caribbean feel to it!


Cala Macarella

A good 45-minute walk from Cala Galdana, the next cove is the most widely recognized image of Menorca's virgin beaches — Cala Macarella. Sheltered by rocky hills covered in pine trees and holm oaks, Cala Macarella is a perfect idyllic cove of white sand and stunningly shallow turquoise waters.


A paradise for nature lovers. Cala Macarellla has also been included recently from Lonely Planet's top 10 list of idyllic beach voted the best in Europe.


Cala Macarelleta

Macarella's turquoise-blue little sister and also known as Macarella nude, Cala Macarelleta (small Macarella) is another virgin cove just next to Cala Macarella. It can be accessed by a steep but pleasant climb over the rocky cliffs next to Macarella.


Day 3

We took a break from the long walks in the Cami de Cavalls and took the public Bus 62 heading north. It's also much convenient as most of the trail are relatively far compared to the coves in the western coast.

Bus 62: Ciutadella — Cala Morell — La Vall/Algaiarens

The northern part of Menorca gives a much different flavor. Hidden away on the rugged north coast of Menorca, we spent the early morning snorkeling at the beautiful Cala Morell.


Cala Morell

This is not your traditional sandy beach. The cove is surrounded by rock ledges of unusual shapes, giving it a uniquely attractive form. We climb the rocky hill extending to the sea to get a scenic view of the peaceful cove.


It has crystal clear waters and the sea has got a cobalt blue shade due to its depth with amazing underground caves and rich marine life. No doubt, it is known as one of the best diving spots in Menorca.


Cala Morell has a more silent mood — a quaint little place, isolated and less crowded. We've got that picturesque view of the typical Menorcan white houses built into the cliff faces. There's also a restaurant up the hill where you can enjoy a nice lunch and a great view over the bay.


La Vall/Algaiarens

We took the same Bus 62 to reach the last cove before we headed down south to Mahon. Cala Algaiarens, also called La Vall, is a 10-minute walk from the bus stop along dry stone walls. The cove is split into two medium-sized sandy beaches known as Plaja d'Es Bot (eastern side) and Platja es Tancats (western side) with dune formations and outlined with marshy land behind them. The sand is fine and white compared to the typical beaches on the northern coast where it's coarse and dark. The sun also felt more intense in this part of the coast.


Day 4

We spent the last 2 days in the main city of Menorca, Mahon where we met some Filipino friends who are the most hospitable, as always. We got a free pass to the Yellow Catamarans (friends are just the best!) for a nice harbor cruise around the Port of Mahon with historical commentary and an underwater view from its glass bottom.


Of course, we didn't miss our chance to see the beaches of Mahon. We spent a day at the beautiful sandy beach called Son Bou.


Son Bou

Some 3 km of golden sand, Son Bou starts on a wooded hillside and sweeps down to a nature reserve that lines the longest beach on the island. Rightly considered the most popular in Menorca for naturist, it is quite modern with some nice beach bars. I found the eastern side more interesting which is edged by lovely dunes. We took the climb on the rocky mountain until we reach the edge — such a spectacular view you don't want to miss.


  • Kely
    Only the blue sky and the endless sea, such simplicity and still such complexity.
  • Bryan
    Yep. Everything about Menorca is just so perfect... from its impressive coastline, long beaches, blue skies and a sheer endless sea.... Menorca should definitely be in your beach travel bucket list, Kely.
  • Dan
    Wow nice place! Perfect for Summer vacation!
  • Bryan
    one of the best beaches on earth, Dan... as perfect as our Philippine beaches! :)
  • Cherry Ann Toralba Bulado
    Wow!Super nice naman po ng place. Pwede na isama sa bucket list! Nice blog po!=]
  • Bryan
    Salamat Cherry. Sobrang ganda, parang saten lang sa ´Pinas. We have all these beautiful white sandy beaches there.
  • Cat Nerizon
    It was very amazed of you traveling all by yourself finding for an all new and exciting experiences. And even if your main objective is to travel alone to discover yourself in different ways especially when your escapades will bring you to places you are stranger. Yet, a travel is more precious and fun when you're sharing it with someone special.
  • Bryan
    That's so true, Cat. I used to travel alone and the good thing about it is along the way, I also get to meet new people — travelers and locals alike. From time to time, I'm traveling with friends and family. Either way, it gives us that different kind of experience in a very positive way.
  • Rafa Godo
    Really nice pictures! I've to traveled to Menorca since I was a little kid and love its beaches, thanks for sharing. They have the best ensaimadas to eat too :)
  • Bryan
    Hola Rafa. Menorca is still my favourite of the Islas Baleares. And yes, the Menorcan ensaimada is a sensation! I'm not quite sure if you're the Rafa I came to know recently from Barcelona but thanks for dropping by. All the best!
  • Roberta
    My first real natural beach experience is the Menorca beach. I love the look and feel of the water. The environment is peaceful with few people selling stuffs and is a good place to relax and enjoy yourself.
  • Bryan
    I'd like the RELAX part haha I'd spend another summer in Menorca for sure...
  • Macjen
    Ganda! Been to Ibiza pero it appears mas maganda nga ang Menorca. Plan ko to go to Mallorca next year pero I think I'll be looking after Menorca instead. Great blog btw
  • Bryan
    Salamat Macjen! Mas gusto ko din ang Menorca and Formentera compared to Ibiza. I haven't been to Mallorca but I would definitely go there sometime soon...

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