#40 The Dark Side of Light

By Bryan | Published: 23rd Dec, 2019

Europeans owe some of their best designs used in architecture to the Saracens.

From the Arab tribes in Asia to the Moors in Spain, ancient ruins uncover some of the finest Saracenic architecture in history. And some are best preserved.

Like the Arab Baths in Girona, Spain.

I got to see the public baths firsthand which date back to 1194. From outside, a small dome peeks above the stone building, somewhat trying to lure the light. And as you'd expect, the light succumbs inside it. Who wouldn’t? The Saracens are lovers of geometry — simple and symmetric. Even light would fall and chase darkness for it.

I sat down and observed how those long sturdy pillars bring the beauty of the play between light and darkness. It’s a simple balance. Yet too much of either spectrum would make one blind. Especially with our ingrained notions of light and darkness as inherently good and evil, that is.

Can light exist without darkness? Is there any darkness without light?

A very polarizing binary. Ironic.

  • Alex
    I don’t think either light or darkness can exist without the other. There’s always a force that balances them out, sooner or later. Both have their purpose and sometimes it’s good to sit a bit in the dark (but not too much) to appreciate the light.
  • Bryan
    It's a balance. You can only appreciate one if the other exists.
  • Pep
    Haven’t visited Girona but I plan to do so very soon.
  • Bryan
    Highly recommended, Pep. And it's great to see Girona this time of the year.
  • Jen
    I remember having a discussion about the topic of light and dark with a close friend of mine a few years ago. It is a really puzzling topic when you think about it. I find that darkness can exist without light as nothingness but thanks to darkness, light is so much more powerful. If that makes sense.
  • Jocelyn
    Enjoyed this short read. Has me thinking all over again!

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