#8 La Isla Bonita

By Bryan | Published: 15th Aug, 2013

Just when I'm about to lock my heart to Ibiza, another island just merely an hour ride from the island is poised to steal the spotlight! Tagged as the last Mediterranean paradise and a brochure-perfect island idyll, Formentera could just be my ideal place to get lost in.


Smaller and more southerly, Formentera belongs to the Balearic Islands of Spain — an archipelago in the Western Mediterranean Sea which includes Ibiza, Menorca and Mallorca. There's no airport and the island is only accessible by sea making it a “real” island.


From the beach of Figueretas in Ibiza Town, we took the cheap ferry ride via Aquabus. The price is notably less than half of all the other ferry services from the island. Tickets are sold right at the port. The only real hassle is the transfer at Playa D'en Bossa to another ferry else, the journey is quite fast. Going by catamaran just adds a bit of excitement to it all and the only thing I could care about then was the fact that we were headed to a paradise.


We arrived at the docks in La Savina alongside the other day trip ferries from Ibiza by Formentera Mar. There's the option to rent a motorbike but I took the cheaper route — that is, if you'd like to experience the Eden-like idyll on foot.


Perhaps the nicest walking route, we started by the coast past acres of peaceful countryside, spectacular dunes, pine groves and loads of green lizards! We reached a signposted cycling and hiking trail (referred locally as the Green Tours) which took us off the beaten path to the island's best spot!


First Stop. Playa de Cavall d´en Borràs, also known as Cala d'en Borràs is about 2 kilometers from La Savina. It is situated between Cala Savina and Platgeta des Carregador. This quiet beach boasts its fine-grained white sandy coast gently sloping to the north. Its turquoise water so clear you could see the white sand beneath and large underwater meadows of posidonia sea grass (endemic to the Mediterranean Sea).


I could still remember the scent of sea salt and dried seagrass while listening to the peaceful sound of crickets from the lush swathe of woods behind. Everything was just so perfect.


We followed the trail further up until we reached one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet — Formentera's very own Playa de Ses Illetes.


Definitely one of those many beautiful things you could lay your eyes on and you'll never want to go back home again. You could almost think you're in the Carribean.


Its amazing turquoise shallow waters lapping that creamy white sand tempt you to dip in. You could see different shades of blue in the water and the little islands opposite the beach completes a picture perfect view. You can reach the islet just a few swims away and get the full experience of this piece of paradise.


We walked the strip of white sand fringed with the Caribbean blue to the very end of Illetes, the northernmost tip of the island, from which Ses Illetes meets Llevant — the so-called Twin beaches. They meet in a narrow strip of land extending to the north with one side of the sea in perfectly calm waters and the rough waters at the other side.


From there, a perfect view of all beautiful yachts, clear blue sea and the distant hills of Ibiza in the afternoon light. I have never been so close to paradise!


Formentera probably has one of the best scenery of beach and turquoise waters you will ever see in Europe. I feel so lucky to experience this piece of a real paradise island. Up until now, I'm still dreaming of Formentera and hoping I could get to visit the island again — soon.

  • Tami Best
    That is the most beautiful clear water I have ever seen. I've only been to beaches with very murkey water. I envy you and your travels so much. I'd love to travel with you sometime to get a zest for what life has to offer. Wonderful!
  • Bryan
    I couldn't agree more, Tami. Indeed, the waters are crystal clear you'll feel so relaxed just merely seeing it — all the more as it washes over your feet!
  • Ricky Danganan
    que bonito!!
  • Bryan
    que si, Ricky! las playas del Formentera, sin duda, son unas de las más bonitas del Mediterráneo!

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