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  • Summer in Mallorca

    8th Oct, 2017

    Perhaps the best part of living abroad — away from family — is the unlikely bond formed with strangers from different walks of life. Some great moments shared one-off and some lasts. And eventu…

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  • Land of Fire, Ice and All things Nice

    16th Jul, 2017

    You know that thought when you're a little kid about Iceland being literally a land of ice? In this trip, it was all painted with green hills, blue lagoons, waterfalls, geysers, and all things nice…

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  • Wild Swimming at Salto de Bierge

    13th Oct, 2016

    Driving to the top of the mountain whether to enjoy scenic landscapes or just to get a quiet place to relax is not so hard to come by — thanks to the Spanish side of the Pyrenees. A little more t…

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  • White Winter in Pyrenees

    10th Oct, 2015

    Barcelona experiences all four seasons but with mild winters and hot summers. Talk about mild winter seasons, temperatures here fall as low as 14 °C (57 °F) during the day on average. That's like…

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  • The Best Calas of Menorca

    17th Sep, 2015

    Every time I think about a perfect escapade, I always picture myself on a paradise island. That thought of my tired feet dipping in a calm pool of clear turquoise waters — much like my …

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  • Briddle Paths of Menorca

    14th Sep, 2015

    Finding a perfect summer getaway is quite a challenge this year. I've got higher expectations when it comes to beaches by now since I laid my eyes on the blue waters of the paradise islands — …

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  • A Taste of Medieval Islamic History

    12th Sep, 2015

    With frequent regional buses from Barcelona connecting major cities throughout Spain, there's no real excuse of not getting a quick weekend escape. And where better than Zaragoza? Talk abou…

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  • Travel for a Cause: A Volunteering Trip to Bosnia

    8th Sep, 2015

    In a selfish world, it would be all too easy to travel just for pleasure with no worries. It does feel great. But it feels better to travel and make a difference. I had a chance to travel a…

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