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  • Take Me to Vienna

    26th Nov, 2017

    By now, I don't mind when I set off solo traveling. I take it’s not for everyone but I quite enjoy the idea of having to rely on anyone but yourself. I always have the need to reconnect with myse…

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  • Jewel of the Vatican

    28th Oct, 2017

    Despite being the smallest country in the world and a long history of controversies, I have a considerable interest to visit the Vatican as for a fact,  it is home to some of the greatest art trea…

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  • Roaming in Rome

    15th Oct, 2017

    I have high hopes for April in Rome as spring begins to take hold. It's the perfect time to tuck in the heart of the eternal city. You can start to forget about the chilly days of winter and enjoy…

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  • Waterfall Massage, Anyone?

    7th Oct, 2017

    Most unplanned travels often turn out to be the best ones. One morning, my younger brother telling me “Biyahe tayo!” after a nice cup of coffee ended up in the mountains of Laguna — …

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  • Land of Fire, Ice and All things Nice

    16th Jul, 2017

    You know that thought when you're a little kid about Iceland being literally a land of ice? In this trip, it was all painted with green hills, blue lagoons, waterfalls, geysers, and all things nice…

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  • Wild Swimming at Salto de Bierge

    13th Oct, 2016

    Driving to the top of the mountain whether to enjoy scenic landscapes or just to get a quiet place to relax is not so hard to come by — thanks to the Spanish side of the Pyrenees. A little more t…

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  • Visa-free Countries for Philippine Passport Holder

    19th Oct, 2015

    While most of us may still find it difficult to travel around the world freely without a visa, Filipinos can choose to skip the brunt of tit-for-tat visa application for now. Skip the drama…

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  • White Winter in Pyrenees

    10th Oct, 2015

    Barcelona experiences all four seasons but with mild winters and hot summers. Talk about mild winter seasons, temperatures here fall as low as 14 °C (57 °F) during the day on average. That's like…

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