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  • The Best Calas of Menorca

    17th Sep, 2015

    Every time I think about a perfect escapade, I always picture myself on a paradise island. That thought of my tired feet dipping in a calm pool of clear turquoise waters — much like my …

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  • Briddle Paths of Menorca

    14th Sep, 2015

    Finding a perfect summer getaway is quite a challenge this year. I've got higher expectations when it comes to beaches by now since I laid my eyes on the blue waters of the paradise islands — …

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  • A Taste of Medieval Islamic History

    12th Sep, 2015

    With frequent regional buses from Barcelona connecting major cities throughout Spain, there's no real excuse of not getting a quick weekend escape. And where better than Zaragoza? Talk abou…

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  • Jose Rizal in Madrid, Spain

    30th Aug, 2015

    Buses are nearly always the cheapest way to get around distant cities in Spain. Apart from the longer route (bearable to some extent), the public bus here is quite modern, comfortable and inexpensi…

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  • Science, Arts & Horchata!

    24th Aug, 2015

    Barcelona’s local train routes are a good excuse to escape the hustle of the city — especially on weekends. It's conveniently covering a variety of destinations within Catalunya, some of which …

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  • La Isla Bonita

    15th Aug, 2013

    Just when I'm about to lock my heart to Ibiza, another island just merely an hour ride from the island is poised to steal the spotlight! Tagged as the last Mediterranean paradise and a brochure-per…

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  • Ibiza Baby!

    8th Aug, 2013

    How do you beat the sizzling, sweltering summer months in Barcelona, Spain? Make it like a local and head straight to the isolated beaches or coves, away from the crowded city. Or join the endless …

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  • Home Sweet Barcelona

    5th Aug, 2008

    Moving to a new country can be very exciting but tough. I still remember that strange feeling. It was February 25, 2008 — the same day as the nationwide observance of the People Power in the Phil…

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