So you found me!

Kumusta! Bryan here. A Filipino traveler, fan of nature, science and good food.

Time flies. I've been writing my personal blog for quite a while now, mostly about my travel adventures. Then the global pandemic came and the world stopped. After that, I started writing more about personal thoughts, my inner saboteur and the great mysteries of life itself (pun intended). I take, this is how aging gracefully is about. Perhaps.

Join me as I give you a glimpse of my life and journey from finding myself — to conquering the world!



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  • Top of the list is called "Ferris Wheel". Written 7 months ago with 187 words long. That will take just about 1 min of your time.

    Ferris Wheel

    5th Nov, 2023

    This is my view during the first month of living in Munich. It’s called the Umadum which means “all around” in Bavarian. Munich’s giant Ferris wheel is almost 80m high! You can’t…

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  • New Home

    4th Nov, 2023

    For almost 2 decades living in Barcelona, I never thought of moving to another place. But it did happen… Philippines to S…

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  • To Calmer Seas

    2nd Oct, 2022

    I’ve been at the same spot almost a decade ago. The winds have changed but the feeling is the same. It’s just a little calm…

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  • At the Mercy of the Wind

    9th Aug, 2022

    My trip to the Andalusia region was one of the most memorable. Spain at its most passionate. But one of the fascinating things that really caught my attention was the fickle but powerful wind — h…

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  • Today in History

    1st Feb, 2020

    Ahh, February. It’s the shortest month of the year. You might have noticed a streak of love this morning when you woke up. Well, it’s the first day of the love month. It’s when the world’s …

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  • Feels so Good in Nature

    9th Jan, 2020

    Notice how you feel good and happier out there if you spend time in nature. Why so? Well, our need for nature is more than just a good feeling. It's in our DNA. I always think we’re geneti…

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  • Visa-free Countries for Filipinos with a US Visa

    8th Jan, 2020

    Do you have a valid US visa? Have you been granted one recently? Perhaps you've visited the US already and would like to travel to other countries without the added hassle of going through another …

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  • A Decade of Reflection

    1st Jan, 2020

    This is going to be a brief, casual post. It's ironic to see a (very) old draft of my blog a decade ago — still so relevant to this day. I wrote this on my last working day, very hopeful for anot…

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