So you found me!

Kumusta! Bryan here. A Filipino traveler, fan of nature, science and good food.

Time flies. I've been writing my personal blog for quite a while now, mostly about my travel adventures. Then the global pandemic came and the world stopped. After that, I started writing more about personal thoughts, my inner saboteur and the great mysteries of life itself (pun intended). I take, this is how aging gracefully is about. Perhaps.

Join me as I give you a glimpse of my life and journey from finding myself — to conquering the world!



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  • My #57 post is called "First Marathon". Written 2 months ago with 270 words long. That will take just about 1 min of your time.

    First Marathon

    19th May, 2024

    I signed up for a 10KM marathon. I said, why not? Two weeks before the actual event, I was doubting if I ever gonna make it to the finish line. I've only done jogging often times during wee…

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  • Invitation

    1st Feb, 2024

    Once upon a time, There was a handsome young man called Bryan. First, he was invited to a jolly weekend trip. Having the choice to visit one of two beautiful castles. One was Ne…

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  • Christmas Day, Normal Day

    25th Dec, 2023

    As I get older, holidays become less and less of a big deal. I’m not a religious person, that’s given. I hold my own set of beliefs, much like everyone else. Nevertheless, Christmas Day…

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  • Funny Bone Gone?

    17th Dec, 2023

    I don’t find things funny anymore. I used to. I used to find so many things funny. I used to laugh at funny movies, hilarious memes, or even really bad-but-good corny jokes. Have I made…

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  • Glühwein

    16th Dec, 2023

    Sitting on a nice cozy couch in the open. Firewood started crackling. People gather 'round the fire as the guitarist strums an acoustic bliss of folk music. My Bavarian mug is filled with a warm me…

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  • My First Real Winter

    5th Dec, 2023

    Social media was blowing up about how the heavy snow had practically shut down Munich city. I arrived there Monday evening. Just before landing, I could already see the thick layer of snow coverin…

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  • Driftwood

    30th Nov, 2023

    Close your eyes. Feel the water as it tries to repel your body. Sinking halfway, I started to feel the surrounding space. It’s like a black hole swallowing all my thoughts. My eye…

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  • Las Dunas de Maspalomas

    29th Nov, 2023

    It was my first time to see the famous dunes of Maspalomas — where the solitude and beauty of the sands gracefully sway with the trade winds. In the silence of the dunes, I got this phrase stuck …

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