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Kumusta! Bryan here. A Filipino traveler, fan of nature, science and good food.

Time flies. I've been writing my personal blog for quite a while now, mostly about my travel adventures. Then the global pandemic came and the world stopped. After that, I started writing more about personal thoughts, my inner saboteur and the great mysteries of life itself (pun intended). I take, this is how aging gracefully is about. Perhaps.

Join me as I give you a glimpse of my life and journey from finding myself — to conquering the world!



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  • My #57 post is called "The Lost Boy". Written 5 years ago with 99 words long. That will take just about 34 seconds of your time.

    The Lost Boy

    24th Dec, 2019

    This photo was taken just next to the Gothic Cathedral in Barri Gotic, Barcelona. Something I’d like to share personally as it's one of my favorite candid shots. There’s just so much in…

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  • The Dark Side of Light

    23rd Dec, 2019

    Europeans owe some of their best designs used in architecture to the Saracens. From the Arab tribes in Asia to the Moors in Spain, ancient ruins uncover some of the finest Saraceni…

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  • Smile and Ride a Bike

    22nd Dec, 2019

    Well, it's been a while. It feels like I haven't had me-time for a long while nor some downtime to write — which is the lesser evil. I won't brag about it, it's been a tough year. And it feels li…

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  • Over the Mountains of Montserrat

    21st Oct, 2019

    Today, I got this photo taken from the top of the mountain range of Montserrat. Quite a striking rock formation with its distinctive pink conglomerate. Reaching its peak, I felt that familiar child…

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  • Sunset at Donostia

    29th Sep, 2019

    Beautiful sunsets remind me of my days in Donostia. And all the colors that come with it. It has that raw beauty that slowly restores my sense of inner peace.
 "Yes, disappear f…

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  • Pinoy Review: Ugot Bruncherie

    2nd Sep, 2019

    Brunch — it’s the meal that many love to hate because of the ridiculous waitlist queue, crowded place at most. And if you get unlucky, prepare to get served mediocre. Did I mention the amount…

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  • First Time in Japan

    23rd Mar, 2019

    Konnichiwa! There’s something unique about Japan that always fascinates me. Home to anime, the best sushi and ramen, Shinto shrines and Cherry blossoms, Japan has a reputation for its distinctive…

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  • The Red Island in Costa Brava

    14th Sep, 2018

    I have a lazy summer this year. I've been cooped up long enough in the city since my last trip so I guess I've got a good excuse to wake up early on a weekend and experience the summer days — as …

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